digz Apparel : Introduction Part 1-5

digz Apparel : Introduction Part 1-5

LPG is proud to introduce a special guest blogger to you all. Michael McWilliams from digz Apparel, in a 5 part series, will be writing about digz new apparel, lifestyle and its mission. Below is Michael's first installment.

Introduction from digz apparel on Vimeo.

digz Apparel is inspired by our friend and brother, Tim McWilliams. If Tim thought you had clothes on that were cool, he’d say, ‘Nice digz.’ He wasn’t really a man of many words, so, if he said ‘Nice digz’ to us, we knew it meant something.

In March 2005, we lost Tim to traumatic brain injury. During his life, he was known for his idiosyncratic style and free spirit, as much as he was for his welcoming smile, loyal friendship and warm heart. A steel worker and surfer, Tim lived his life intentionally, largely uninterrupted by the pressures and whims of others.

It has become our mission to inject Tim’s life-affirming ideals into digz. We believe that digz products should be built on reliability and individuality, molded seamlessly to the customer’s lifestyle, whatever and wherever that may be. He lived it no other way.

We’re also committed to helping families and patients heal from traumatic brain injury, just as the McWilliams family did, so we’re giving 10% of sales to Tim’s TBI Foundation. You can learn more about it here: www.timbofund.org.
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