deBeer Women's Air Flow handle

It is important to note that all the deBeer handles for 2011 will be straight as deBeer has done away with their 8 degree transfer offset system. This should allow deBeer to sell more handle and head combinations across all brands when before you were only able to use deBeer heads with their handles or perhaps STX 10 degree handles or heads. No longer.

One of the most recognizable models of the deBeer women's handle line is the Air Flow. Now in it's third season deBeer brings this handle to the market in their tried and true team colors. Regardless of model deBeer always seems to use a good range of team focused colors to allow the player to build a stick that matches their school or club team colors. deBeer has never been a company to use let's say fu fu graphics. Their colors are straight forward.

The Air Flow handle is a women's diameter handle that will require an adapter when custom building with the head of your choice. The molded end cap allows for smooth bottom hand transition and a positive controlling feel. The holes in the bottom of the handle definitely reduce weight but will also help to keep hands dry during play. Overall a good handle to play with and contrary to what I have heard I have never spoken to a player who got her fingernails or fingers caught in the air flow holes.

The new release FLEX handle for the deBeer women's line this year will be the go to for any players looking for a super strong composite handle. The FLEX is a carbon composite handle that is made for deBeer by True Temper. True Temper is the company that built one of the best women's handles ever in what used to be the STX Afterburner. The FLEX is a bombproof make up that is neither a men's diameter or a women's diameter handle. It falls right in the middle making it a great handle for defenders looking to deliver good hard checks. And as an attackers handle made to withstand those checks. The FLEX is going to be a very stiff handle which means no lost energy when shooting or passing. Check out as they will be offering the FLEX in a one off Purple color as well as the stock Black and Silver.

Mike Rinier, 9 Year Lacrosse coach for both men’s and women’s. Enjoys coaching Goalies the most. Mike enjoys participating in downhill mountain biking, road bike and cyclocross as well as distance trail hiking and finding ways to bring the lacrosse style to sports that may not be used to it. Custom stringer for Longstreth Women’s Sporting Goods. He will bring you the latest and greatest in what is new in the women’s game for both equipment and shoes. Hopefully we can cue you in to some cool stuff on the way.
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