D-Middies and Their Shafts

It’s no secret that defensive middies have been an integral part of the game. UVA’s Chris Rotelli and Billy Glading catapulted the reemergence of two-way middies just a few years ago, which inevitably garnered attention to D-Middies. Coaches and spectators alike started to take notice. Fans started to not only cheer for the Kyle Harrison’s of the world, but also found themselves rooting for the Benson Erwin’s. The vital role D-Middies play in the MLL and at any level for that matter is irreplaceable.

D-Middies are extremely important because they not only shut down top opponents, but also lead transition offense. Unfortunately, there is a downside to being a D-Middie. MLL D-Middies aren’t just the speedy and scrappy guys on the defensive side of the field anymore. For many, they are seen as the enforcers. Nevertheless, as one of the results of their physicality their equipment becomes subject to a great amount of brute force and strength.

Shafts either bend or break on contact, so LPG asked three of the best in the game what kind of shafts they use and why.

Jimmy Borell, Denver Outlaws

-“I like the Sci-Ti Pro, or Reebok shafts that "give" a little... It’s tough cuz I break so many on people, but the stronger the better.”

Bryn Holmes, University of Maryland Utility Player

-“I like to use titanium shafts because they don’t break and leave bruises. I grew up on the Warrior Titanium shaft, but in college I made the transition to the STX Titanium and it has been smooth.”

Max Seibald, All Everything at Cornell, MLL All-Star for the Outlaws

-“As for the shafts…I like the Sci-Ti Premiere.”

What shaft do you use?
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