Custom Strung Sticks from Lacrosse Unlimited

Our friends at Lacrosse Unlimited have been stringing and dyeing some insane sticks lately. The managers at their brick and mortar stores are gurus to say the least especially Mike Doino. He has kindly taken the time to elaborate on some of their recent work.

The Mesh one is strung up on a Warrior Noz, we used white dura mesh with bright yellow sidewall, and Carolina shooting strings. The top is strung very tight, with a low pocket. Its very similar stringing style to the Pocket 34 with the way the sidewalls are done. Two Bright yellow nylons going straight across with two V shooting strings. There is a ton of hold and a good amount of whip when shooting, but not too much on an easy pass. the best of both worlds right there. The bottom string is an old leather we had laying around from a cut out traditional pocket. The leather will stretch a bit more than a normal nylon bottom string, allowing for a bit more hold and whip when really ripping a shot.

The royal blue STX Surgeon X was strung up for a player at Hofstra U. He wanted a hofstra/headstrong theme to go along with his schools tradition. so we went with a pita pocket. Starting off with nice clean white leathers then going with hofstra yellow gut down the middile and royal blue gut going down the out side. White sidewall string and neon green shooters to tie in the headstrong foundation that the school supports. Big tip for nice hold and control with leathers is to make sure the two outside leathers are a little tighter than the middle ones. This will help the two out side leathers hold the ball and keep it in the middle of the pocket

Finally we have a limited edition stars and stripes Warrior Mojo X. The dye was a limited run that warrior put out in celebration of the world games 2010. The head was strung for the father of Matt Russell, a Naval Academy grad, drafted by the Bayhawks. He is currently serving in his second tour in Iraq. Matt's father is one of the heads of Madison Youth Lax, and a very good customer of ours. He came in with the head asking us to hook him up with a good looking "lean on stick" as he called it. He wanted to stick with the patriotic theme that the head already had. so we came up with this. Sticking with red, white and blue strings to stick with the colors of old glory. Starting off with white leathers and red sidewall strings to help the rest of the strings stand out. We wanted to try and keep the colors as separated as possible, so it would be easier to see the red white and blue easier. Down the middle of the pita pocket we used red gut, and navy on the outside strings. We finished off the stick with some red white and blue argyle shooting strings to tie it all together. He was very pleased with the way it came out, and has been showing it off every where he goes.

Special thanks to Mike and the managers at Lacrosse Unlimited. Hit up Mike Doino at for more info on details or leave a comment below.
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