Corcoran High School 2012 Lacrosse Gear

Corcoran High School 2012 Lacrosse Gear

Corcoran High School is an inner-city school that plays in the CNYCL-National.CHS plays some of the best teams in the state of New York (e.g. Liverpool, F-M, Genny).

The lacrosse team at Corcoran produces the most college ready athletes (Academically and Athletically) then any other team in the school - Last year they had 14 seniors on an 18 man roster, all 14 are playing in college (e.g. UAlbany, Florida Southern, OCC). Last season Corcoran was ranked in NYS top 20-25 all season. Corcoran is the Alma Mater of Marty Ward (Head coach at Florida Southern) & Matt Casey (Midfield - Ohio Machine).

Heading in to its 13th season Corcoran has raised over $10,000 to fund equipment for the players. The two bright spots include Under Armour Player gloves and Cascade CPX-R helmets.

Head Coach Shaun Smith LOVES Under Armour! And when he caught word of them making equipment he called whoever he could to get this gear. We're told that Corcoran is the first high school to get these gloves. As for the helmets the back panel says "No Excuses". That's been the team motto ever since Coach Smith got the program going. "No Excuses" is self explanatory, if they lose a game they never make excuses or point fingers, instead they work hard everyday until game day when they can redeem ourselves. Especially with being an inner-city school Corcoran has a lot of players with tough backgrounds, and Coach Smith looks at them for who they are and what they have potential to be regardless of their past. As one player states:

Personally, Coach Smith is a big factor in my life, and someone that I look at like a father figure. Coach wants the best for us, and this years equipment goes to show.

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