Clear Pro7 Resurfaces...In Florida

Clear Pro7 Resurfaces...In Florida

We haven't seen a clear Pro7 helmet in a long time! The last time we saw a clear helmet was May 28, 2010. Today, images showed up in our inbox and you'll never believe who is rocking it!

Oliver Beirne, an eigth grader, from St. Andrews in Florida is playing with the lid these days and is loving every second of it. Notice the Headstrong mitts...he's no stranger to fashion and trends within the lacrosse community. He shares with us how he got his hands on the lid.

I got this helmet off of Ebay! I contacted the seller and bought it because I needed to get my hands on this helmet! I have worn in since December 2010 and I love it! I get asked after every single game I play about the helmet and I just give everyone the basic info of how I got it and of how much I love it! I wear it with pride and I will never let it out of my possession!

We aren't entirely sure why Cascade never made these available to the public, but one thing is for sure people will always love them! View more images of Oli below.

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