Chrome GYM TAN LAX Heads, Part 1

I came up with this concept when I first became aware of the GYM TAN LAX gear at the 2011 Final Four game through a mutual friend from the Florida region. My original intention was to simply dye a bunch of white sticks with the logo on the stick and then I was able to get my hands on some heads. Specifically Chrome (3) STX Super Power, (1) Nike Legacy, and (1) Warrior Evo X. I had already dyed a chrome head for myself in red and blue but I wanted these chrome heads to be a bit more flashy as well as repping the GYM TAN LAX concept itself, so i began picking out colors. I chose pink and royal blue, pink and neon green, orange and royal blue (to rep the Florida man himself aka the creator), and green and red (to rep the Italian side of the NJ / GTLax idea).

As far as the process goes there wasn't much difference in how I went about dying these chrome heads as compared to other heads. I chose to do the mini checkerboard and the mini pinstripe pattern which I feel both look really good as you can see. And honestly pictures don't do justice, once you see these up close in person when the sunlight hits then they look unreal.

Now on to what I learned and for you future chrome dye individuals to be aware of.
1. Make sure the are no imperfection in the chrome aka cracks or regions that are peeling because there is potential that the hot water can get under the chrome COATING and aid in peeling. It can also play a factor when removing the tape because it can if your not careful peel the chrome right off. (Which did happen with the Nike Legacy. I don't want to reveal too much information about the problem with them but lets just say if peeled ruining the GYM TAN LAX dye however was still chrome. If anyone has a contact for the Nike lacrosse group I would appreciate their information so I could inquire about this point.)
2. NEVER PUT HOT GLUE ON THE CHROME HEAD. Maybe you will have better luck than me but it ripped the chrome COATING right off, I should have figured but I wouldn't even go there you will likely waste the head.
3. This shouldn't even need to be said but don't cut logos out on the head and simply refrain from placing sharp points near the head because like I said it can cut the coating and cause problems.

I hope this information is helpful and if you have further questions about these dye processes feel free to email me at, follow me on twitter @49KingDyes, and check out/message me at my facebook group King Dyes.

These heads will be available for sale ranging from $120-$130 first come first serve. I will be in NJ next this weekend coaching and I will have the heads there and again next weekend in NJ playing in the War on the Shore tournament with them there if they last that long. I should also have qty100 GYM TAN LAX shirts for sale so keep you eyes peeled for me stolling around. Email me or follow me on twitter to find out where I'll be.
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