Checking in from the World Games: USA's Joe Cinosky

What’s going on LPG?

This is my first time ever blogging but I thought this would be a good way to share what’s going on over here in Manchester England for the 2010 world games. I figured that it would be easier if I included a lot of pictures to keep everyone interested because as I said before this is my first time blogging.

Day 1:
I drove up to New Jersey so that my Dad (C) could drive me to the airport. Immediately I regretted this decision when I returned home from Baltimore. He recently acquired a brand new car from the dodge dealership down the road from my house. That’s right that’s a brand new Chevy HHR. I like to call it the purple drank even though C claims that it’s blue…

After being on the runway for about an hour and fifteen minutes and 40 planes back at JFK international we finally got in the air. I ended up getting stuck in a middle seat on the eight hour flight but I was fortunate enough to be stuck between Ryan Boyle and Coach Pressler. Most of the flight was spent watching movies. However, I got to hear some pretty cool stories about Coach P’s hunting with his brother Blue.

It was also interesting to hear about the experience that Coach Boyle had in 2006 when the United States of America lost to the Canadians. On a side note, apparently Coach P’s brother is a badass, he’s retired military and has some pretty amazing stories to tell one having to do with army crawling over 200 yards in mud to shoot a 9 foot bear from 10 feet away. This bear now resides in Blue's living room. He also apparently killed a buffalo with a knife after the buffalo had been shot and charged him and broke several bones in his face.

We ended up day one with a meeting in our “locker room” on the third floor of the dormitory. This set the tone for the week. A lot was said about the expectations and goals that we set as a team. It’s hard to recreate one of Coach Pressler's speeches but it got me pretty fired up. After the meeting we all ended up down the street for our first team dinner in Man U. Check out Ned Crotty in his Durham Bulls Tee. I wish Coach Fiefs could see this one…

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