Cascade CPX-R Helmet Review

Now that I’ve had a chance to play in the CPX-R and take a couple good hits I think I can honestly say that the CPX-R couples the comfort of the Pro-7 with the fit of the original CPX. The fit system on the back of the helmet allows the wearer to adjust fit not just based upon how large the wearer’s head is, but also the preference of how the helmet is worn. I personally only like to strap one side of my chinstrap and I like a lot of tilt. The sliding adjustment allows for a solid, snug and safe fit regardless of how the helmet is tilted.

The biggest adjustment, going from a CPX to a CPX-R would be the added padding just behind the jawbone and in front of the ear. At first the added pressure is distracting but I got used to it after playing for a few hours and the jaw pads actually stabilized the helmet on my head. Overall, the fit of the helmet is not far detached from that of the Pro-7 but with the added adjustment in the back I feel like a safer fit can be achieved for players with a larger or smaller than normal head size.

The biggest complaint I’ve heard about the CPX-R would be the “duck tail” at the rear of the top of the helmet. To be honest, I’ve asked the guys I’ve played against and they couldn’t notice a difference until upon closer inspection after the game. I personally don’t mind that it is there but don’t think that it has a balancing or aerodynamic effect as Cascade would like us to believe.

Overall, I am very pleased with the performance, fit, comfort and look of the CPX-R. I was skeptical at first, but after wearing it for several games and experiencing a shot off the helmet, several checks to the helmet and a few hard shoulders to the head, I feel that it’s a step above previous models in terms of comfort and safety. I’m most excited about the steps that Cascade is taking in order to provide for the safety of players in Lacrosse in order to try and be proactive against a concussion epidemic like that of College and Professional Football.

Video: Inside scoop on the Cascade CPX-R.

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