Cannons LC Unveil New Uniforms for First PLL Season

Cannons LC Unveil New Uniforms for First PLL Season

Cannons LC will play its 21st season as a lacrosse club this summer, but it will mark the team's first year as a member of the Premier Lacrosse League. The 2020 Major League Lacrosse Champions may be the oldest active professional field lacrosse team, but they are now the new kids on the block. And new beginnings call for new threads.

On Monday, the team unveiled their 2021 look with Paul Rabil sporting the team's new Adidas jerseys. In addition to the obviously tighter fit of the uniforms (an intentional decision by the league when they chose Adidas as their uniform supplier in 2019), the new Cannons kits are much simpler and sleeker, while retaining the team's traditional red, white and blue color scheme.

The Boston Cannons' jerseys had remained largely unchanged for the majority of the team's history, so a major deviation from the traditional piping pattern on the team's MLL jerseys was to be expected. The Warrior/New Balance jerseys of old were a product of their time and began to feel a bit busy in recent years. The cleaner look of the Adidas jerseys help establish the team for a new, modern era.

In addition to the accent stripes on the shorts and jerseys, the new Cannons uniforms also feature what appears to be cannon smoke at the bottom of the jerseys, a decision obviously made to match the pattern-driven jerseys of their PLL counterparts. While the smoky look is subtle enough for the team's white jerseys, it feels a bit out of place on the navy uniforms. I would have liked to see no pattern at the bottom or at least something a bit more subtle, but overall the new look is a welcomed one.

Paul Rabil sports a Cannons jersey for the first time since 2014. (Photo courtesy of PLL)

It will also be interesting to see if the team utilize the team's traditional silver helmets or opts for navy and white helmets to match the jersey combo. I'd anticipate the latter given that silver is almost non-existent in the new kits.

In the end, the Cannons 2021 uniforms do enough to pay homage to the team's past, while also giving fans a fresh look for a new era of Cannons lacrosse. We'll have to wait and see how this new Cannons team performs on the field, but one thing is for certain: they'll look good once they finally do.

What are your thoughts on the new Cannons threads? Let us know in the comments or on social media, then snag your own Cannons LC replica jersey.

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