C-12 Introduces 2012 Line of Carbon Shafts

(Dublin, OH--July 19, 2011)-- After a very exciting year of growth for C-12 we are proud to introduce our new 2012 line up. Just as a little reminder from our previous INTERVIEW, with each shaft comes the ability to do custom graphics with usually a 5 day turn around. C-12 carbon fiber shafts will not dent or bend and we back that claim up with a 12 month warranty. Our carbon has specific strength to weight ratios built in to optimize your game at the different levels and positions of play. We have conducted tests on shot speed and C-12 shafts have shown increases of up to 5% short stick and up to 10% long stick. C-12 carbon dampens energy from checks from other players and allows you to control and retain the ball in instances where titanium shafts wouldn’t allow.

In 2011 we had three models in our line up. We had a very successful year and took feedback from our customers and came up with our new 2012 line up. We have two new shafts that we added- the new Attack and the new Long Stick Middie shafts. Our 2012 high school and above is called the Dirty Line.

Dirty Line-
Attack shaft- the lightest C-12 shaft. For the attackman that wants the best and strongest shaft in the game today. Dodge, pass, shoot, and run through checks like never before. The most advanced carbon technology out there-period!!

Midfield shaft- a touch heavier than the attack shaft for those two way middies that like to really be able to lay a check on someone’s arms. Be that top dominant player end line to end line. You will have no weakness in your game with a C-12

Long Stick Midfield shaft- when milliseconds matter you want the lightest and strongest shaft to throw that take away so we invented the LSM shaft. As most LSM’s play offense now you need to be able to move that 6 foot stick around with ease and shoot and score with confidence.

Close Defense shaft- just a bit heavier and stronger than the LSM shaft, but still one of the lightest on the market. Drop the lumber on that attackman’s arms or feel free to knock him out with a good solid hit. The close D shaft will handle all challenges and come out of them straight as an arrow.

Goalie shaft- lighter than last years goalie shaft. If you want to be the best goalie in your league, jump some rope, juggle, and use a C-12!! Warning- reaction speed increased exponentially.

As you can see by all the other lacrosse companies coming out with carbon shafts now, the material is here to stay. Our technology is unbeatable. When chosing your next lax shaft make sure you buy the lightest, strongest, and fully customizable carbon shaft out there. The only choice is C-12.

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