Bros Lacrosse x C12 Lacrosse: BL Branded Shafts

Bros Lacrosse x C12 Lacrosse: BL Branded Shafts

Bros Lacrosse, a lifestyle apparel company developing some of the most bro apparel on the market, recently teamed up with C-12 Lacrosse, the manufacturers of the highest quality lacrosse shafts on the market, to offer exclusive BL designed shafts.

C-12 Lacrosse is a leading developer of carbon fiber lacrosse shafts. With patented processes, C-12 has developed one of the strongest, lightest, and overall best quality shafts on the market.

“There is no other company we would team up with to offer BL shafts”, said Randy Patrick, Founder and President of Bros Lacrosse. “These are hands down the highest quality shafts on the market and it fits perfect with our brand image.”

The shafts are available for purchase here, with a shaft designed specifically for every position (attack, mid-field, LSM, and close-D), the first company to do so. The shafts range from $145-$225 and come with a 12-month warranty.

Bros Lacrosse is a lifestyle apparel company started in May of 2010 that gives bros a chill look. BL’s line of products includes shirts, shorts, pinnies, hats, shades, and more. Check out and join the Facebook page for the latest updates on Bros Lacrosse Products.

For more information on C-12 Lacrosse shafts, please visit and join the Facebook Page for all the latest updates.
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