Brine LoPro SL Arm Pad, Defensive Arm Pad

Brine LoPro SL Arm Pad, Defensive Arm Pad

Take a look at the new LoPro arm pads from Brine Lacrosse. The SL Arm Pad and SL Defensive Arm Pad are soft to the touch and very flexible. The pads we are looking at today display a Black colorway. More details below.


Gravity-defying freedom, attack ready protection. Midfield and attack ready protection in a 36% lighter package. The LOPRO SL Arm Pad features Grid Flex for form-fitting mobility, and is built with superlight superior protecting compression padding. At only 2.4 oz’s, this is a pad that players of all levels can get into.


Superior flexibility and protection gets 41% lighter. Designed for defensive and mid field players wanting the best in lightweight flexibility, the LOPRO SL Def clocks in at only 1.5oz’s. Shaving 41% of one of the lightest Def arm pads, the SL Def’s compression padding saves weight and offers superior protection, while the Grid Flex design moves and flexes with your body.
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