Brine Gospel Head: Early release and limited edition

Brine’s Gospel head is slated for release this fall, but because of demand Brine is pushing an early release of the head. In fact, it shipped to many retailers this week.

In the release they are also releasing a limited edition version of the Gospel, one in silver and one in neon green as part of their Relentless 27 line.

There are a couple of really unique elements with this head. The most noticeable is the sidewalls, which have a strange-looking A pattern running up and down. This design allows for what Brine calls a mid-strung suspension, because you can actually use that portion of the stick to string your pocket (or, you can still string it in a more traditional manner).

So what does this mean? Stringing at that mid-level means you can get a deeper pocket because you are starting the stringing from higher up. The stick also has reverse sidewall channel stringing. So basically, the theory behind the head is that you can get a deep pocket with good hold while still having a face and scoop wide enough so it won’t restrict your scooping/catching abilities.

Check out the pics below and let us know what you think. The head is NFHS and NCAA 2010 legal.

Brine Gospel White Lacrosse Head

Brine Gospel Silver Lacrosse Head

Brine Gospel Neon Green Lacrosse Head
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