Brine breaks ground with new Clutch 2 head

Brine is breaking new ground this spring with the release of the Brine Clutch 2 and Brine Clutch 2X heads. The heads, which will be released May 15, feature the first ever two-shot molding process, giving a two-color factory dyed head for the first time.

With the two-shot molding process the plastic is injected into the mold for the head and a full head is formed, although thinner at the scoop and the sidewall. The head is then placed into another mold where certain gates allow a second injection of plastic colorant to spread only to specific parts of the head. In this case it's the scoop and sidewall. The plastic wraps around the original layer and levels out to a regular head.

This gives a whole new dimension to the factory dye job, allowing for heads to be two different colors straight from the factory. Brine will be releasing the color combinations with white and a color in May. Next fall Brine will launch a custom team program, where teams can bulk order heads in their team colors, allowing teams to get identical colored heads without the pain of having to dye 30 different heads.

In addition to introducing the new two-shot color process, Brine has also re-worked the design of the Clutch in the Clutch 2 and Clutch 2X release. The recognizable sidewall design remains the same, but the face shape, scoop, and throat are all brand new. Brine has introduced reverse flare to this head, which means the back sidewall of the head is narrower than the front, helping channel the ball into the sweet spot of the pocked better. Brine has also adjusted the angle of the scoop to for an easier ground ball pick-up and created a throat that was designed to make that section of the head stronger while reducing small amounts of weight compared to the original Clutch.

As mentioned, the Clutch 2 and Clutch 2X will be released in May. Originally, the heads will be released in White and the color combinations of: White/Black, White/Royal, White/Orange, White/Forest, White/Carolina, White/Yellow, White/Navy, White/Red, and White/HEADstrong Green.

The Brine Clutch 2 and Clutch 2X will retail for $100 unstrung and $115 strung.

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