Boston Cannons Digital Camo Dye Job

Here’s a fresh digital camouflage dyed Gait Torque, with a Boston Cannons theme. I started out on this head during the summer before the Major League Lacrosse tournament in hopes of the Boston Cannons bringing it home, but things didn’t go as planned. I’ve always wanted to do a digital camouflage dye job, and it was a good time to relax and dye a head for myself for a change.

What you see here is all hand done using electrical tape and a sharp blade. I’ll admit, I was a bit ambitious dying both the inside and the outside of the lacrosse head, but it was well worth. The reason I say this is because the inside of a lacrosse head is a flat surface, while the outside is not. It is generally much easier to lay down tape on the inside, compared to the outside.

To start things off, I worked on the Boston Cannons logo first on the top of the head. I didn’t have enough room on the head to put the full logo on, but I had to compromise and cut some of it out. To make it look as legit as possible I printed out the Boston Cannons logo off a computer. I then cut the individual letters out of the computer paper, placed two layers of electrical tape on top of the computer paper, and cut out the letters

After this all that’s left is the digital camouflage. I wanted to make the camouflage similar to the Boston Cannons colors, so I used white, grey, red, and navy blue. I simply began cutting out digital camo shapes of tape and putting them on the lacrosse head randomly when it was white, then dying the lacrosse head grey and placing more tape on, dying it red and putting more tape on, and finishing it off with navy blue. The trick to making the head look clean was keeping the tape all parallel. It was almost impossible at times, but this makes it looks like the real deal. Also when dying, you need to work from the lightest to darkest colors to avoid the overlapping of colors. Click a picture to begin slide show...

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