Boom Town Shred Stick

Boom Town Shred Stick

Boom Town Lacrosse and Con Bro Chill are proud to present the Boom Town Shred Stick as part of their 1-For-1 Program. You’re not only buying a custom Boom Town shaft that shreds corners, you’re buying a complete starter stick for an underprivileged laxer. It’s 1-For-1. Boom Town wants to offer people a chance to give back to the game that has given us so much. The plan is simple. Sell as many shafts and give as many sticks as possible. They will pick specific lacrosse charities working in underprivileged areas, provide them with enough sticks for a new team, and when they sell enough shafts to outfit them they will move on to the next organization helping out young laxers.

Boom Town Lacrosse wants to make it clear that it is a for-profit organization with great intentions.

As a new company it is important to us to do the right thing from the beginning. We believe that the 1-For-1 program is a creative, sustainable, and productive way to give back to the lacrosse community that has given us so much.

Shred Stick Specs

-Weighs 165g of pure boom. (Strong and Light)
-50/50 fine texture (for gripping and ripping)
-Attack/Middie Length Only-7075 Aluminum (used in aviation industry) made by True Temper Lacrosse.
-Shreds Top Cheddar and Low Pie like a bossman
-Shreds everybody, everywhere, every time, all the time.

View the Shred Stick in action as Con Bro Chill rips Low Pie.

Buy one today by clicking here.
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