Boathouse Unveils NEW "Summer League" Shorts

Philadelphia, PA – May 4, 2010 – Lacrosse players are very style conscious and yet practical when it comes to the uniforms they wear -- Boathouse Sports realizes this and today unveiled its new fully sublimated "Summer League" shorts with pockets. Boathouse will offer the "Summer League" shorts with a swoop side panel that can be also be sublimated using a solid color or a teams own design.

"We are constantly talking with our best teams and athletes and asking them for their honest feedback in what they prefer and demand in a product," said Doug Tibbetts, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boathouse Sports. "Our new Summer League shorts address the number one request we received last summer from players attending lacrosse tournaments around the country, pockets. We understand that tournament lacrosse players have a lot of down time between games, can't sit still and often go in search of food, to look at the manufacturers midway or simply go back to their car. Our Summer League short is really unique, the pockets are angled for keeping your keys and money where they belong, in your pocket. We also wanted to make our short as comfortable to play in as they are to wear all day. That's why we went with an 8 inch inseam and use Boathouse's Versa-Dri 200 material to keep you cool and comfortable when the thermometer is approaching the century mark."

For more information, log onto Boathouse.
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