Boathouse Sports Launches Sublimation Playground

Philadelphia, PA – January 4, 2011 – Boathouse Sports, the leader in custom sublimated team uniforms, is proud to announce the launch of "Sublimation Playground." Men's and women's lacrosse teams can design and create any uniform they can imagine for practice jerseys, club and tournament uniforms, summer league uniforms or any special event uniform.

Boathouse has created nine novelty patterns for design inspiration or teams can work with Boathouse graphic designers to create a unique custom design. Boathouse has an extensive library of custom colors, logos, patterns and font styles. They can also incorporate a photograph into the design.

Boathouse uses Versa-Dri 200 wicking mesh that allows for reversible jerseys to be printed on both sides with only one layer of fabric. Other reversible jerseys in the market are actually made from two printed jerseys sewn together. Boathouse’s single layer reversibles are lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Some choices for Men's teams include Revolution or Defiance Jersey's, Loose Fit SKINZ Shirt, V-Neck Shooting Shirt and Boathouse's pocketed Summer League Shorts.

Women's styles include Women's Revolution and Racer Back Jersey's and Liberty Short with a newer updated fit available in both 5" and 3" inseam lengths.

How does sublimation work? Boathouse's sublimation process uses machines that look like oversized inkjet printers to print out full sized garment designs on paper using special dyes embedded into the paper. The printed design is then aligned with one of Boathouse's proprietary performance fabrics, cut to size and passed through a sublimation heat process that transfers the dye and the design directly into the fabric. The ink actually becomes part of the fabric, unlike screen printing where the ink is laid on top of the fabric and can crack and peel away from a uniform. The sublimated uniform pieces are then sewn, labeled, inspected, bagged, boxed and shipped from Boathouse's Philadelphia factory. The entire process takes less than 30 days.

"Our sublimation printing technology is perfect for any team who wants to create a truly unique uniform that will call attention to their team while also giving their players a distinct performance advantage," said Doug Tibbetts, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boathouse Sports. "Sublimation does not add any weight to a fabric and allows it to retain all of it’s moisture wicking properties."

Check out the sublimated jersey Boathouse did of Derrick Rose for Dime Magazine.

About Boathouse Sports
Boathouse Sports creates custom team athletic apparel for elite athletes. Based in the city of Philadelphia since its inception in 1985, where it manufactures over 95% of its products, Boathouse has earned an exclusive customer base of schools, universities and teams. Boathouse Sports continues to expand its reach as one of the fastest growing custom athletic apparel brands in the world. For more information, log onto

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