Best College Uniforms of All Time

Making a guest post for LPG are the fellas from Casual Athlete compiled a list of uniforms they think were some of the greatest kits worn on the DI lacrosse field throughout the years. View the uniforms below.

2004 Princeton Reebok All Black

In our opinion, this was the prime of Princeton's swag. There were a lot of bland, traditional uniforms in 2004, but the Tigers did it right with those tiger stripes. The jersey used the perfect amount of Black, Orange, and White, not overdoing any particular color. Princeton's steez was pretty on point this year.

2004 Syracuse Nike All Orange

Just so dope boy fresh. Nobody was doing this in '04. The concept of all one-colored uniforms in college lacrosse hadn't even been explored until MP and the boys decided they were gonna change the game. The all Orange is just as classy as it is in-your-face thanks to the White/Blue stripes on the sleeves and shorts.

2007 John Hopkins Nike Baby Blue/White

These are the dopest kits The Hop has ever rolled. The Baby Blue/Black combo on the fresh Nike jerseys is just so ill, and the classy Black and White shorts kept Hopkins in their place while still setting off the sweet jersey. The crisp text pops off the jerseys, and the White piping pulls everything together. Filthy.

2007 Maryland Under Armour All Black

2007 was the year the Terps finally tossed those horrid Gait helmets and started rockin' the CPX. Coincidentally, this was the year the Terps started experimenting with sick uniform combinations. Black on Black was a great call, since it's nicely complimented by Red as well, along with the Gold outlining. Pretty fresh.

2009 Hofstra Under Armour All Yellow

These days, Hofstra is known for all of their crazy color combos (including their notorious use of Headstrong Green in their fallball uniforms). Their all Golds are just so sick. The subtle touch of Blue on the underarms and minimal use of Blue on the shorts seem to try to keep it modest. But let's face it, those fits are just dirty.

2004 Syracuse Nike White/Royal Blue

The Syracuse White on Blues were pretty sweet. They're so full of history - the Gait's, the Powell's, and stars like Paul Carcaterra did a legitimate amount of winning in these. They're not too flashy, but they've come to translate to winning. And everyone loves winning.

2004 Navy STX Gold/Navy

Ah, the classic STX uniforms. Navy kept it so real with their old school Gold on Blue uniforms. They're pretty standard, but something about watching Ben Bailey and Steve Looney shred twine from 13 yards made you love them. The 2004 versions were delightfully baggy while still maintaining class. Nothing crazy here, just classic.

Have any uniforms to add to the list? Just let us know.

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