Air Force 1: Anatomy Of An Urban Legend

The Air Force 1 is Nike's best seller and most popular all-time shoe. It evolved from being worn on court in the 1980s into an off-court icon. Even today, almost three decades later, it's still revered in sneaker culture. Its iconic, timeless design still boasts strong sales around the world to this day. From limited edition styles, to special design collaborations, the style is kept fresh and unexpected with each drop. Nike has helped maintain excitement in the Air Force 1 by introducing over 1700 models with different colorways and material combinations since its birth.

"Air Force 1: The Anatomy of an urban Legend" is a feature-length documentary about Nike's Air Force 1, a 29-year old basketball shoe turned NYC style staple, turned cultural icon, turned global phenomenon. The film traces the roots of the Air Force 1 and documents its rise, presenting a unique case study in the history of design, sports, and culture.

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