Aero Lacrosse Falcon Shaft Review

Aero Lacrosse Falcon Shaft Review

Aero Lacrosse unveiled their new Falcon, a carbon fiber shaft that weighs only 129 grams. Falcon spent two years on a new manufacturing techniques to give it a high strength to weight ratio. I got a hold of one and the final product is unreal.


This light of a shaft gives a distinct feel on the ball since your stick will be more top heavy.  If you've used a Metal, this feels just as light (one gram lighter).


Another interesting feature of the Falcon is it's GripStrip technology.  Although the top and sides of the shaft are very smooth, the bottom half of the shaft actually has a different, rough texture on it.  This texture is unlike anything I've felt before on a lacrosse stick and helps give you more control, while still allowing your hand to slide easily.  The one issue I did find with this though was that with gloves on, even with the GripStrip, the shaft is a bit slick.  You may need to use some tape on the shaft to fix this.  The Falcon has a standard octagonal shape with slightly rounded edges, feeling very similar to most other shafts on the market.


Overall, the biggest selling points of this shaft are the strength and performance.  Being so light, I was expecting to the Aero to break pretty easily. I gave this thing a beating while testing it out, and there is not even a scratch on it or a spot on the carbon fiber that seems weak.  The shaft is actually filled entirely and is not hollow, so impacts are dispersed through the entirety of the shaft rather than just the area of the impact, making the shaft much more durable.  It is also very stiff, with pretty much no flex, giving more consistency similar to an alloy shaft (rather than most carbon fiber shafts with flex to them).

The shaft has a simple design to it that looks very nice in my opinion.  The entire thing is black, showing the actual color and design of the carbon fiber itself.  The only graphics on the shaft are the logo on one side and Made in America on the other.  It looks very clean and would go nicely with pretty much any head design and colors.


The price of the Falcon is a bit steep coming in at $160 when it retails.  This is a bit more expensive than other carbon fiber shafts on the market.  They are running a Kickstarter campaign, which ends today, so you could snag one for a solid discount, making it a great value buy before the price increases.

Overall, this is a phenomenal shaft for its weight and strength.  I'd highly recommend this shaft to someone who wants a super light shaft that is going to last.
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