Adrenaline Goes Big in 2013

Adrenaline Goes Big in 2013

The Adrenaline 2013 plan is the culmination of organizational efforts from the past eighteen months. With the devotion of 70 full-time employees, Adrenaline has a plan in place that will positively influence the development of our sport. To achieve this goal in 2013, Adrenaline has completed the building of a unique and powerful corporate foundation bolstered by mindful but aggressive merging, partnering, and purchasing of the top like-minded lacrosse organizations in the country. The result is a perfect harmony of meaningful, memorable, and influential events, authentically inspired apparel, and powerful club partners that have a deep moral fabric and altruistic nature.

One of the biggest moves for Adrenaline in 2013 was merging with the largest competitive club lacrosse program in the country, STARZ. This merger rounds out the Adrenaline program offerings, and officially provides the final puzzle piece to the extensive and highly effective Adrenaline Recruitment System. One of Adrenaline’s main goals has been to provide the absolute best system for players to get recruitment exposure. The Adrenaline Recruitment System is based off a tiered model and approach that invites players to specific levels of the system. In 2001 with the help of NCAA coaches like Kevin Corrigan of Notre Dame, Adrenaline established the first legitimate recruitment event in the West, the Adrenaline Shootout. Since then, Adrenaline has rapidly expanded the number of recruiting tournaments making history along the way. In 2012 Adrenaline partnered with the esteemed NSCLA and hosted the first-ever charity recruitment event in the country called the Blackcard Showcase in PA. Players invited to events such as Adrenaline Blackcard are nominated by the AET (Adrenaline Evaluation Team) which is a team of certified evaluators at every Adrenaline event searching for and grading talented candidates. A huge program addition in 2013 is the NSCLA championships which is the official championships of the top club organizations—such as Baltimore Crabs, Long Island Express, True Lacrosse, and West Coast Starz, to name a few. With 12 years of experience, a track record backed up by undeniable statistical success rates, and a stud head of Recruitment Programs, Jono Zissi, Adrenaline has formulated a system which serves the good of individual players, regional club activists, and collegiate coaches. Already in 2013 there has been immediate growth. Highly competitive, top-level programs like the AZ Force out of Phoenix, SALA out of Tucson, Saddleback in Orange County, and Denver Elite have joined the STARZ family. With the bloom of club programs Adrenaline recognized the necessity of elite training programs to enhance the performance of lacrosse athletes.

The new Adrenaline Training Programs are designed to be the perfect supplement to club programs across the nation. Led by Director of Training, Jesse Foss, an expert in sports performance, and LXM PRO Kyle Harrison, the training programs follow a progression model to ensure safe and optimal physical conditioning and lacrosse skills enhancement. Adrenaline has partnered with SKLZ, a supplier of superior training products and the leading authority on top tier training, Athletes Performance Institute. These programs will be put into action in multiple cities this summer including the K18 Impact invite-only training program. VP of Events, Rory Doucette, discussed the importance of revamping Adrenaline programs, “2013 is going to bring a ton of excitement to Adrenaline as we move into uncharted territories. The expansion both in the events we offer and the geographic pockets we will be in will create for a solid foundation for future growth. One area we put a ton of emphasis into restructuring are our Training Programs. . Being able to offer every player, regardless of skill, an option is something we strive for. AdrenaFIT, one of the Training Programs that gets the most attention, will surely have an impact on many players. The combination of refining lacrosse skills as well as a state of the art speed, strength and agility program make for a top notch experience.”

In September 2012, Adrenaline purchased LXM PRO and turned it into a one-of-a-kind lacrosse experience. In 2013 Adrenaline will be taking this same extravaganza and putting it on the juice by expanding to 15 events in extremely enthusiastic markets:San Diego, Chicago, Portland, Minnesota, New York, Utah, San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Orange County, and two undisclosed locations. LXM PRO involvement with Adrenaline programs will continue to be prominent in the LXM ATS (Adrenaline Tournament Series). The goal of LXM ATS is to provide top level tournament competition for Youth to High School levels combined with a personal professional lacrosse game with top players around the world. In 2013 Notre Dame will once again be the LXM ATS partner to provide the nation’s best coaching clinics for attending teams. Throughout the tournament players get the opportunity to interact with and learn from the LXM PROs. LXM is presented by Champion who provides awesome uniforms that undergo the famed Adrenaline Treatment from the in-house art department. STX and Maverik are the major equipment suppliers who are on board and fully back and invest in this great concept. Naturally Cascade will be the official helmet supplier of LXMATS. Equally exciting is that Gatorade, the undisputed leader in sports drinks, is also a partner with their performance-based Pro Series products. Finally, the Athletes Performance Institute and SKLZ will also be the official training partners of LXMATS. Outside lacrosse sponsors include Knockaround Sunglasses, keep a look out for an exclusive Adrenaline collaboration frame under the Confidential line. It is an honor for Adrenaline to be able to team up with so many outstanding business partners who fully support the Adrenaline Core values.

A crucial part of the Adrenaline Core values is creating positive movements that reach outside the lacrosse field and activate players as ambassadors of change. The Adrenaline Awareness campaign will once again be calling on and challenging players to go beyond the superficial, advertised “bro” stigma of the sport. The 2013 calendar is flooded with Awareness initiatives raising money for over 15 great causes, involving LXM PROs and the new Adrenaline Alliance Street Team. The goal is to raise more than 300k by the end of 2013.

Over the past three years, Adrenaline has grown from 35 to 70 full-time employees. With the growth of the company has come growth of new ideas and campaigns all helping facilitate the main goals of Adrenaline. The marketing and creative department has continued to thrive under the guidance of Parker Anger, VP of Brand and Design. The art department continues to be the most creative team, styling one-of-a-kind apparel, posters, and other Adrenaline merchandise. On what to expect from Adrenaline in 2013, Parker discussed, “Our design team has been challenged to raise the bar yet again. We are excited to launch a new line this summer called Vendetta, which is a line of technical gear we have been testing and developing. In addition, we will be launching our first-ever women’s specific line. LXM is also a major focus. In 2012 we were a little all over the map in terms of the identity of each team. This was very much by design to feel out what aesthetic to use moving forward. The launch of the newest LXM PRO jerseys will take place at the next LXM event. We’ve really only scratched the surface in the stores that we've rebranded. 2013 will be about polishing the look and integrating our brand segments even further into the cultural centers. I am positive that as these concepts come to life, the industry will be forever changed.” In 2012 Adrenaline experienced 100% growth for apparel and plan on similar success in 2013 by continuing to produce quality products with refreshingly original designs. Be on the look out for the confidential special releases on the Adrenaline site as well as the full line in new partner retailers Dick’s, Academy, Amazon, Modell's, and Eastbay.

2013 also marked the launch of Adrenaline’s new website with a blog format to offer an unfiltered look into the company and allow a level of transparency for players and families. The website displays the different initiatives of Adrenaline, including the Training Programs, Awareness Campaigns, Recruitment System, Club Teams, and original apparel. In the next few installments of the 2013 Adrenaline Ignition series, the calendar, game plan, sponsors, and partners will be clearly displayed. This will be 100% full disclosure and completely transparent. Discussing the whole process CMO, Alex Cade stated, “It’s been truly awesome putting all the pieces together over the last year and a half. Seeing our vision coming together in 2013 is deeply rewarding. I am confident that our plan for the future will have a lasting impact on a ton of young players in multiple ways and that is the most important thing to all of us at Adrenaline.” Adrenaline keeps looking forward, deciding each step with the main imperative in mind, how best to influence the future of lacrosse. Adrenaline is excited to continue to help mold the future of lacrosse and is going big in 2013. Stay posted on upcoming events by visiting and signing up for the Adrenaline newsletter.
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