Adrenaline Caderade Hat, The Surfer's Journal 20.1

Adrenaline's corduroy embroidery hat, the Caderade, is perfect for tweener weather as we say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring. This version of the hat pictured is Red. It also comes in Teal.

Like a fine wine and cheese pairing, we felt that the hat should be accompanied with The Surfer's Journal Volume 20, No. 1, because they go hand-in-hand. This product is designed in San Diego, CA, so the surfing lifestyle undoubtedly blends in with Adrenaline's lacrosse apparel and approach. The waves from The Surfer's Journal serve as a great backdrop to the snapback hat.

The corduroy is soft and velvety. The snapback makes this hat very functional.

Purchase the hat here.

Purchase The Surfer's Journal here.
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