Adidas Originals MEGA Torsion RVI

Adidas has chosen to go the hybrid route by offering a new range of MEGA sneakers which incorporate previous technologies and models with new innovations. By isolating specific, groundbreaking technologies, enlarging them and making them the focus of the shoe, the MEGA range delivers a striking, vivid and unmistakably Adidas Originals aesthetic.

The Torsion® Bar was initially introduced in the ZXrange of running shoes in 1988 as a way to provide greater movement and forefoot support while allowing for a full range of lateral movement. The MEGA Torsion® RVI takes this concept and up-sizes it with a Torsion® bar that runs the full-length of the outsole, while the ends of the bar are also enlarged and sit directly under the heel and ball of the foot providing for maximum stability.

The oversized midsole accommodates the large Torsion® Bar while keeping the streamlined shape of the new model intact without looking out of place. With an upper constructed from a combination of a fine mesh and premium nubuck, paying homage to classic ZX models from years past, this is an exciting new re-imagining of an iconic piece of athletic technology that translates nicely into a lifestyle tech piece that sits firmly in the modern day.

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