Adam Ghitelman Splatter Dye

If you are a true connoisseur of the aesthetics of lacrosse heads, stringing and dyeing then you've definitely noticed Virginia's goalie, Adam Ghitelman, playing with a recently dyed head in the NCAA's. Adam fills LPG in on what exactly he did to his STX Eclipse.

This stick is a freshy I started using for the playoffs this year. Me and Freshman Matt "biggest bro in college lax" White did some simple splatter dyeing to create our playoff twigs. I started off with an Orange head which I usually use and dyed over it with Navy Blue RIT dye after glue gunning all over the pre-dyed head. Along with the neon HeadStrong Foundation lace I think this stick looks pretty fresh... And also has a bit of "West Islip" flavor to it as well. Hope it comes in handy this weekend at the Final Four.

To better understand how Adam Ghitelman prepares for games you gotta listen to his Warm-Up Playlist.
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