2013 Brine Lacrosse, LOPRO SUPERLIGHT Shoulder Pads

2013 Brine Lacrosse, LOPRO SUPERLIGHT Shoulder Pads

Take a closer look at new shoulder pads from Brine's LOPRO SUPERLIGHT Series. Today, we are showing you the LOPRO SL Shoulder Pad and LOPRO SL Mid Shoulder Pad.


Low on weight, big on protection. Maintain speed and mobility while still taking on hard hits and checks with the LOPRO SL shoulder pad. Built to be the lightest, most flexible protection possible for developing players, the SL features compression padding and Grid Flex to match the body’s movements. Armor cap system allows free range of movement in the shoulder, while the ABS hard cap absorbs big impacts. We recommend this SP for scrappy middies who like to fly up and down the field without being weighed down by too much padding. Possibly a good fit for a LSM, too.


Minimalist mobility, maximized protection. Trim and low profile, the LOPRO SL MID offers minimalist protection for the developing player that wants premium flexibility. Super lightweight compression padding provides superior protection, Grid Flex ensures form-fitting ease of movement, and a narrow shoulder width delivers even greater flexibility and speed. Highly recommend these shoulder pads for defensemen and athletic middies who avoid typical checks to the shoulder area.

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