2011 Summer Stick Trick Contest Ends Tomorrow

2011 Summer Stick Trick Contest Ends Tomorrow

In conjunction with Adrenaline, Lax.com wants you to submit a stick trick video for the chance to win a $250 gift certificate AND $250 worth of Adrenaline gear, plus more. It's an extremely easy concept; 1. Film yourself doing stick tricks and 2. send it in to Sticktricks@lax.com.

The last day you can submit is July 21st, TOMORROW! An example video and more rules are below.

Chazz Woodson droppin' knowledge.

Rules of the Game:

1) You must be a Registered Member of Lax.com and create a Lax.com username.
2) One submission per contestant.
3) Video is limited to one min.
4) Lax.com/Adrenaline reserves all rights to refuse to post any video submissions.
5) By participating in this contest you are allowing Lax.com/Adrenaline to use your video for public display and marketing.
6) All Prizes are final. No returning or exchanging items.
7) Lax.com and Adrenaline will choose the top 10 video finalists.
8 ) The first, second, and third winners will be determined by users votes and the judges panel.
9) Any discrepancies regarding the outcome of the contest will be settled by Lax.com/Adrenaline.
10) The video submission must be of the actual contestant submitting the video – Do not send us a video of a pro athlete doing stick tricks!


FIRST PRIZE - $250 Gift Certificate to Lax.com and $250 worth of Adrenaline Gear!!!

SECOND PRIZE - $100 Gift Certificate to Lax.com, Adrenaline Tee, Hat, and flip flops!!

THIRD PRIZE - $50 Gift Certificate and 5 pairs of Adrenaline socks!

How To Submit:

Submit your videos through YouTube to sticktricks@lax.com

Here’s How:

First thing you will need to do is go to YouTube and Sign In, or if you do not have an account you will need to Sign Up, and create a YouTube account!

Once you are logged into YouTube, you will need to upload your Video through your YouTube account.

If you do not know how to upload a video to YouTube, watch this video:

Once your video is uploaded:

You will send your YouTube link for your stick trick video to sticktricks@lax.com
Your email MUST include:

Subject of email:
Name, Town, State

Body of email:
YouTube link
Your Lax.com username
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