2011 Manhattan College Lacrosse Shorts

A few pics of the 2011 Manhattan College lacrosse shorts. The shorts daunt the NYC skyline on the front and back of the shorts with Brother Jasper on the front of the shorts within the skyline. Brother Jasper is where the school mascot "Jaspers" comes from. These shorts were designed by recent alumni James Synowiez and were created by Corbin Wilhelmi at Detroit Lacrosse Company.

On the side of the shorts is the actual MJasper logo and player's #. On the other side is the statue of liberty, and on the back is the skyline again with Manhattan Lacrosse highlighted.

These shorts have pockets.

These are not game shorts unfortunately... James designed a more modest pair last year for their team to wear on road trips and in hotels. Not a bad idea. Feel free to email jsyn03@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing the shorts.
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