The Lacrosse Playground’s Top-66, powered by Sirius Lacrosse – RECRUITING UPDATE

The Lacrosse Playground’s Top-66, powered by Sirius Lacrosse – RECRUITING UPDATE

In the first three weeks since September 1st, there have been 90 players from the class of 2023 verbally committed. 

Of the top ranked players at each position, 4 have announced:

  • Defense: Hunter Speiss, Princeton
  • Attack/Midfield: Kyle Lehman, Penn State
  • Goalie: Caleb Fyock, Ohio State
  • Face Off: Wambach, UNC

The other top ranked players their respective positions, have yet to announce and reportedly are still taking their visits, including #1 over-all recruit, and highly coveted, Mac Christmas.

  • Attack: Owen Duffy, ??? 
  • Midfield: Ben Johnston, ???
  • LSM: Mac Christmas, ???
  • SSDM: Ty Banks, ???

17 is the number

17 players have been committed to the ACC, Syracuse leads the ACC with 8 (an estimated 55 players are expected to commit ACC).

17 players have been committed to the B10, Michigan leads the B10 with 6 (an estimated 78 players are expected to commit B10).

17 players have been committed to the Academies, Navy leads the Academies with 12.

Top-66 Tidbit

23 players (!!) have already been committed to the Ivies, Dartmouth leads with 5.

60% of the Top-Rated players have yet to announce which means plenty of action is yet to come.  With school visits wrapping up in the next few weeks, expect that the sports future stars will be making headlines soon.

Navy has picked up some great Top-66 recruits including:

  • AJ Marsh (LSM)
  • Alec Gregorek (A/M)
  • Jack Ponzio (A/M)

Top-66 Game Changers

UVA and Maryland, are taking their time, each only announcing one recruit.  These two power houses take their time and go after the best talent. Of the past 12 teams to compete for the national championship, either UVA or Maryland has been in the final game 6 times and have won 3 of the last 4 NCAA National Championship Titles.

Having only announced 1 commit each, look for them to go heavy after the likes of Attackmen Owen Duffy and McCabe Millon (#1 and #2 respectively); Midfielders Ben Johnston and Leo Hoffman (#1 and #2 respectively); and LSMs Christmas, Hakimi (#1 and #2 respectively) , and #4 LSM Koopman.

Don’t Get Fooled

Duke has only announced 2 recruits:  #5 Midfielder Tomas Delgado and #5 FOGO Cal Girard.  Duke always gets their guys and this year they will spend to get top talent and fend off rivals like UVA, Maryland, Syracuse, and UNC.

Speaking of UNC, one of the best places on earth to recruit, #1-ranked FOGO Brady Wambach is joined already by #3 Goalie Goose Wilson (UNC native), and rising star #6 Attack/Middie Niko Karetsos.


Georgetown is THE program on the move.  The past two years have been the result of a steady and methodical build.  Aided by the transfer portal, look for the Hoyas to add to commits #3 LSM James Carrol and Attack/Middie, DC Local, Larry Horning.  A lefty like Shuey Kelly or Davis Provost would be ideal, as would 2 stout defenders like Aasheim, Buono, or Webber.

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