The Grooming Issue

Hopefully since our last issue you haven’t gone totally off the deep end and escaped to Australia to chase a 50 year storm. Yes I admit to be a little Swayze crazy with my references so stay tuned and you might see some more where that came from in later episodes. However in this issue we are going to focus on an important topic that is the essential hygienic compliment to every man’s personal wardrobe. Grooming techniques and products.

Maybe you let your hair grow out a couple of months too long or perhaps have been sporting the playoff beard prematurely. Going into Winter it’s time to check in and take inventory and figure out what it is you are trying to express with your personal style and bodily maintenance. If it happens that things are not working out they way you planned maybe we need to make a few adjustments in our overall grooming game plan.

I know that you might be thinking like this guy (above) that you are a combination of dark, sexy, awesome and dangerous. But that hot girl you have your eyes set on is never going to want too close if you look and smell like a wild boar. If this is you get out your pen and paper and prepare to take some notes. Here are the top 10 products that I recommend for keeping your hedges trimmed and your body nice and clean to take on all that life has to offer.

1. Old Spice Deck Scrubber

Yup when taking charge of your external situations it’s always best to start with the basics. This sturdy product from Old Spice is definitely engineered to get the job done and strip away the funk from your undersides. Pair it with a nice shower gel like...

2. Deep Cleaning Dove Men Care Body and Face Wash. It’s easy, can multi task and gets straight to the point and is paired with a pretty good scent.

3. Nubian Heritage Soap. This one is for all the hippies out there that don’t want to be bogged down by laureth sulfate and other common ingredients found in major soap brands for those that prefer a more natural aroma.

4. Billy Jealousy Hair Strengthening Shampoo

There are a few lucky guys out there that will never have a problem with their hairline, but for the rest of us out there it’s never too early to your hair loss prevention strategy. Whether the cause of hair loss is stress, genetics, or a tight lacrosse helmet, this product will at least prolong your mane’s lifespan and help wash out environmental toxins that damage your roots. Pair it with their silky smooth Cashmere Coat Hair Strengthening Conditioner and you will get even better results. It also does not hurt to have a haircut every month or two and to stimulate your scalp with daily brushing.

5. In the past few years the scruffy beard has worked its way into the mainstream as an almost acceptable look, but most people know that it is not for everyone. Due to economic concerns and a contrived nouveau bohemian lifestyle I have avoided buying razors for years. However I was excited to learn that the Schick Quattro Trimmer offers you the best both worlds. It houses an electronic trimmer on one end for the bigger jobs and also has a traditional detachable close razor for taking care of the more precise facial detailing. For working with bigger beards you might want to try beard trimmers from Wahl’s or Norelco.

The Shick is also a decent size for taking care of any manscaping projects. Although I don’t recommend using the razor edge below the belt, if you do make sure you go with the grain and use lots of after shave balm to minimize the damage.

6. Baxter For Men Shave Cream and After Shave Balm. Baxter of California has some nice products that are somewhat affordable and come in a classy non-descript packaging.

7. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel

If you are no stranger to purchasing facial products then you probably have seen this one before. I recommend Kiehl’s Facial Fuel with SPF 15 since sun exposure is a major factor towards making you look washed up and haggard. After hard work outs in the elements facial fuel will help freshen up your face when you get ready to take on the world or hit the night scene.

If you are prone to having more oil on your face than the Gulf of Mexico you might try Matte for Men’s product Complete Head Lotion. It will definitely bring the unwanted shine down and hopefully prevent blemishes too.

8. Zirh Restore Herbal Eye Cream
I know it’s a little metrosexual to have all these products but I wouldn’t want anybody suffering from dark eye circles if they didn’t have too. If you have the money to spare on your visage you might as well scoop up some Zirh eye cream. It will be beneficial in the long run and make it less obvious when your eyes are tired or if you woke up with another hangover.

9. Crystal Deodorant

Yes it’s another one of my hippy inserts but this is a great alternative to using traditional deodorants that are actually adding nasty unwanted chemicals into your bloodstreams. I don’t think it does any thing for perspiration but for that matter you should not be blocking your sweat. So if you are prone to pitting out just wear an undershirt and wash more often.

10. Clubman Pinaud Talcum Powder. It’s like a gentler form of Gold Bond with the scent of a distinguished old man. It’s a good thing to have around and has multiple purposes.

Honorable Mentions and to have in your kit:

1. Sumotech moulding paste for hairstyling. A great product for those that need it.
2. Scissors
3. A sewing pin- Good for do it yourself lancings. Be careful and always sterilize.
4. Witch Hazel- Good multi purpose astringent
5. Pinaud Styptic Pencil – Relieves razor cuts and stops bleeding
6. Vitamin E Oil- A poor man’ s facial moisturizer (just rub in 1 drop), also has many other uses.
7. Nail clippers
8. Listerine
9. Floss
10. Sonicare toothbrush

Danny McCormick is a featured blogger for Lacrosse Playground covering style and fashion. Born in Maryland and raised in Virginia, Danny lived an East Coast laxer lifestyle while attending the Landon School, and the University of Maryland before eventually heading out to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams in entertainment and fashion. While working his way up the LA food chain he has served as an assistant to some top stylists, decorated sets for commercials, films, and photo shoots, and works as Adrenaline Apparels Art Director and Eco consultant. After injuring his knee on Halloween doing a complex yet unrehearsed dance sequence, he has ruled out the chance of a lacrosse come back. But if asked if he would do it again the answer is hell yes.
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