Spring/Summer LookBook 2011: Installment 1

So hopefully you guys had a blast playing the Quint Kessenich Game. I want to apologize for the delay of the Spring/Summer LookBook, but it took me quite a while to recover from the aforementioned games.
Without further ado:

1. Luminox 3003 Diving watch
What we have here is a rugged diving watch. For diving. Yep. I love diving…wish they’d bring it back into the game. I also love dive bars. But I’m scared of deep water. But I love the beach, and this watch is at home on the shore as much as it is deep under the sea. And the watch looks good. It’s waterproof to 200M and the dial is painted with luminous paint that lights up real bright.
In conclusion, wear it while your diving…whichever kind of diving you do. For me personally, I’ll be glad that the luminous hands will be able to point out 1:55 am—and last call— in the pitch black at my favorite dive bars. Don’t come up too quickly—you’ll get the bends.
The bottom line: Diving is cool.

2. SunCloud Optics Standby
When I was in college, I loved two things: sunglasses and dance parties. But unfortunately, like athleticism and baseball—the two do not mix. I learned this the hard way my sophomore year. It was late at night and I was having a dance party in my room. My assistant coach was present and he started jumpin up and down on my couch to the beat of this song. Before I knew it, there were a bunch of girls jumping up and down on the couch with him. This was fine until I realized that someone had knocked over my shoebox filled with my sungalsses. A pair of Costa Del Mars, some Maui Jims, a pair of Von Zippers and some Ray-Bans were ground into dust. And they were all polarized.
Why am I telling this story? Because I want you guys to think I’m cool and partied in college. But more importantly, these SunClouds are awesome-quality, are polarized, look awesome….and are like, fifty bucks. A small price to pay for ease of mind during any dance party. Right?

3. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses
If you have to own brand-name sunglasses, then I’m going to recommend the Ray-Ban Clubmasters. Why? Because Wayfarers are out and Clubmasters are in. That’s why.

4. Bain de Soleil SPF 4
If you’re like me you’ll be spending a lot of time on the beach. While you’re getting your bronze on, don’t forget to protect your skin too. Bain de Soleil is awesome stuff. It’s been around forever and super-tan people all over the place swear by it. I like it because it smells good, makes my pipes gleam and I even rub it into my hair to manage my flow in the ocean breeze. Plus, most girls know that this stuff is legit and the fact that you’re using it will…let them know you care about protecting your skin.

5. Danger-Danger New Era 59Fifty Fitted Cap
I bought this hat because I orignally thought it said “Stranger-Danger” on the back. I am a huge advocate of not talking to strangers, especially if you’re a kid. Don’t do it, it’s dangerous. The skull and crossbones logo is 3M reflective material so it lights up at night. And so does the back, where it says “Danger-Danger”. When I wear it out, kids won’t talk to me because they can clearly see that I’m a danger. Good to see that my message is being passed along. Oh well, the hat looks cool.

6. Scott Hawaii Maika’i
“Oh my God, Rainbows are soooooooo comfortable!” –Every girl in the world
No they’re not. They’re “sooooooo” comfortable at best, which is a whopping one “o” short os “soooooooo”. Seriously though, they’re kinda comfortable and they are expensive for something I seem to lose once a month. I have four right flip-flops at my apartment if anyone has four left ones…we can split the difference and walk away with two pairs of flips each, mmkay?
Anyways, these Scott Hawaii “slippahs” are more comfortable than Rainbows and you can buy two right flip flops for the price of one right Rainbow flip. Or you can go barefoot and avoid all this trouble oveer footwear. Rainbows are out, barefoot and Scott Hawaii are in.

7. J. Crew Lightweight Khaki Pants
Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. J. Crew’s not cool, it’s not bro. You’re wrong, and I’ll tell you why: J. Crew is cool and……it is bro. Why? Because I can’t find a pair of pants that I like more. There are super-lightweight and kinda synthetic in feeling. They don’t feel like 100% cotton, and they dry really fast. They fit good and flatter my healthy butt. I wash them weekly with my JNCO’s.

8. Birdwell Beach Britches
The best kept secret of beachwear. Sure, boardshorts are cool. You could even say that they’re bro. But boardshorts keep getting longer every year. I’m pretty sure that being able to show off your calves and maintaining superb functionality are two important parts of being a bro. Birdwell Beach Britches can be found on lifeguards all over the US. Every hardcore surfer and beach resident knows and respects the “Birds”.

They’re short, they dry fast and they look dashing.

OK, so what’s up with that horrible picture of them? You try finding a better picture. Their website gives me the biggest headache…it’s one long page of pure HTML hell and there’s really no good pictures. But they acknowledge this, arguing that they make they are a swim trunk manufacturer and not a website design firm. And I agree. Buy these. Birdwell’s are in, boardshorts are out.

9. Filson Duffel Bag
This bag is extremely handsome and a great way to carry around your summer gear. They’ve started charging $.05 for plastic grocery bags in Washington D.C., so I needed an alternative. This works, and it goes beyond the capabilities of a plastic bag. By a lot. I mean, look at it. It looks sick. The leather has worn in nicely and I get compliments on it daily.

10. The Shirt That Is Not Pictured
There’s no shirt because Bradley Ryder Owens doesn’t wear a shirt once temperatures hit 60. That’s it.

Thanks for reading my Spring/Summer LookBook. I know it was long, but it was long because all of these products are things that I own, use and hold close to my gigantic, healthy, strong heart. I’ve given you guys little glimpses into how these things fit into my life, and that’s something you should treasure and take as gospel. If you have a problem with any of my choices…let me know. I won’t listen but it might make you feel better.

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