Princeton's Coulter Macksey's Must See Goal

Princeton's Coulter Macksey's Must See Goal

Surely by now you've seen the goal.

Half way through the 4th quarter with Princeton up five, Macksey goes to work on the wing against a short stick.

Juke to the left.

Split to the right.

Roll back.

Shoot around the on ball defender.

Use the help defender as a screen.

The suddenness of the shot out of the roll is a result of the defender being so packed in on the approach. He never had a chance.

Forgive us because we couldn't find the original reply but someone said the shooting motion was eerily similar to Brennan O'Neill. Absolutely agree. (Jump to 0:34 if it doesn't load automatically.)

The moment is certainly made more special by the goal occurring on Princeton's side of the field allowing the visual of his teammates to enter the frame while Macksey is celebrating.

What we could have assumed at the time was that this wasn't the first time Macksey had worked on the sequence.

Cue up the video.

How about that?

Developed on the training pitch. Executed when the lights are brightest.

The modern player has no excuse for not dramatically improving their skills year after year thanks to the internet and coaches like 2 Wolves Jack Kensil.

High school me is extremely jealous of this content.

Old man voice, back in my day, we only had three games broadcasted on television and we had to watch E-Lacrosse GIFs using a 56K modem.

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