Max Ritz Debuts on MTV Hit Series, The Hills

A guy I know named Otts, who happens to work in a classy restaurant in West LA, filled us in on a new development that involves lacrosse players in Hollywood. He told me, "Yo, LPG, one of your cronies is making moves on Spencer Pratt's sister and will apparently be seen on this season of The Hills." Of course, we were taken-aback by this so we asked our source to take some stills of them in the act. The laxer turned out to be none other than former University of Maryland All-American and current LXM PRO player, Max Ritz. Otts was able to get close enough to Max and his pal Scott Hochstadt who were seen entertaining Lo and Stephanie from the Hills.

The double date looks fun and entertaining until the waiter asks the group what they would like to drink. Apparently Stephanie Pratt is sober these days and instead of asking for Goose on the rocks like everyone else settles for a fizzling Coca Cola.

Naturally, Max is perplexed. Instantaneously going from Midnight to 6.

Max and Stephanie do make a cute couple though.

Scott Hochstadt and gf, Lo, looking suave as per usual.

Coincidentally, this dinner scene will air in the next episode of The Hills Tuesday night at 10/9c.
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