LXM PRO Dye Job for Evan Kay

I was asked by Evan Kay to dye him a LXM PRO head as well before the game coming up this Saturday, October the 16th. Evan uses the Evo Pro 2.0 and before he sent it I already had an idea of what I wanted to do.

1. I began with the blank Evo Pro 2.0 and cut out a few logos and images that i knew I wanted to be White.
2. I included the main sponsors as well as my logo to the head.
3. Again like the previous LXM PRO head I used RIT dye: fuchsia and evening blue.
4. The end result looked like this with the fade meeting at the top and slightly to one side at the throat. The top was important for later in the dye process.
5. After the first two colors were done I began placing each individual square and adding more graphics. Once every square was placed I could then do the final color of Black leaving some of the original colors exposed to help the squares really pop. After the Black fade was complete I removed all images to get the final look.

Two more LXM PRO heads were done for guys on the other team and from a reliable source the colors are green with a little pink. Images coming soon.

Matt Hickman graduated from Georgetown Prep (’04) and then went on to star at Salisbury University (’08). He now runs King Dyes (kingdyes49@gmail.com) while also working for Performance Lacrosse Training in Bethesda, Md.
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