LXM PRO Coach, Dante, Talks Strategy

This past weekend "Team Cascade" was led to victory by legendary actor Peter Dante. Dante has played a zany drug dealer with a pet monkey, lion and elephant in Grandma's Boy. He's played a gay man named Tommy in Adam Sandler's movie Big Daddy. You may also remember him as the quarterback Gee Grenouille in The Waterboy as well as Murph in Mr. Deeds.

What many might not know about Dante is that he was a stellar lacrosse player at Hofstra back in the day. He played during the era of the Gait brothers and Coach Petro. Dante's enthusiasm still carries on til this day coaching his kids in Southern California.

He was very excited to participate in what he termed "the fraternal brotherhood of lacrosse". Listen to him chat in the locker room before the LXM PRO game.

View the video below:

Grandma's Boy:

Peter Dante--Strange Wilderness:

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