LXM 610: Scenes from LXM Pro Philly

LXM PRO descended on the Philly area yesterday, attracting 3,400 people to the event that combines music and professional lacrosse. Yesterday’s event was at Radnor High School and featured clinics put on by pro lacrosse players, a live concert by rapper Wale, and the LXM PRO Lacrosse Game.

The game pitted some of the world’s top lacrosse players against each other, including the likes of Kyle Harrison, Joe Walters, Brett Hughes, Michael Watson, and Alex Hewit. Team Monster Energy edged out Team New Balance 10-9 following a goal from former Terp Jimmy Borell, who was also named the game’s MVP.

The Philly event was the third LXM PRO event, with previous events in Los Angeles last November and in Austin last April. The next LXM event hits Jacksonville on October 17. LXM 904 will again feature clinics from pro lacrosse players at 1 p.m., a live concert at 5 p.m., and the pro lacrosse game at 6 p.m. The musical act will be announced sometime this September. You can buy tickets online now and learn more at lxmpro.com.

Check out some shots of the concert and game below and check back later today for even more game photos. (All photos by Doug Keith)

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