J. Serra High School Photo Shoot

Recently I was commissioned to shoot some photos for J. Serra High School located out here in the Bay Area. As lacrosse is spreading across the country some schools out west are getting it right. The photo shoot was conceived to gain some attention from it's student athletes for the school's new lacrosse program. West Coast powerhouses in baseball and football (both Barry Bonds and Tom Brady attended school here) the school is looking to make a serious run at a successful lacrosse program. Best of luck to the Padres!

In 2008 former professional lacrosse player, Zach Heffner formed his own photography company so he could pursue his own unique style and brand of image making. A few years later, Verdict Photography is now a premiere commercial photography studio located in California. Specializing in commercial portraiture, Zach’s work features many elite athletes and has appeared in magazine covers and in national print ads. Zach hopes to use his ‘edgy’ style of photography to help promote the sport of lacrosse within mainstream media. Titled ‘EXPOSURE’, these blog posts will showcase Zach’s recent work and how he is helping lacrosse to get more of what it needs…exposure.
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