Found Some Lax Bros in Panama City Beach

My fellow Bros, my deepest apologies for being MIA from LPG and Twitter the last week, I have a very good reason to be excused and it's called SPRING BREAK! Last week I went to the king of all spring break locations, Panama City Beach, Florida. Although the weather wasn't the greatest, if you're one who likes to party from sunrise to sunset you HAVE to experience Panama City Beach. Although I was on vacation, I still found ways to get my daily lacrosse fix in. The great thing about Panama City Beach is that people come from all over the country to party, with that being said, here are a couple Bros I found to party with. Lax bro lifestyle in full affect. From lax pinnies to backwards hats PCB feels like home.

My name is Alexandria Andrews, I go to Oakland University where I’m a psychology major planning on continuing to go to Law School to become a family Lawyer. I will be your FIRST girl to post on Lacrosse Playground and I was BroBibles girl to bring home for Thanksgiving. I am a huge fan of lacrosse players, drinking, hockey, and Tom Petty.

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