Danny McCormick: Spring Lookbook

Adrenaline's Danny McCormick periodically blogs for Lacrosse Playground about fashion and style. This week he tackles two looks for the laxer this spring.


“Don't you like when the winter's gone
And all of a sudden it starts gettin warm
The trees and the grass start lookin fresh
And the sun and sky be lookin their best
Birds be singin, flowers be bloomin
A lot of brand new cars be zoomin
Fly girls lookin the best they can be
And the guys be dukeydukey Dan you see
Besides all that I like the warm weather
Cause that's when you can get yourself together”

Gotta love some Biz Markie right?

Symbolically spring represents new growth and possibilities, which makes it one of the best times to freshen up your step and revamp your wardrobe. If you are a lacrosse player and survived this past winter you have probably shed about 8-10 pounds from over excessive running and training regimens (thanks coaches) and are ready to try to fit into some new pants. I recently hit up the RVCA store and was very pleased when I saw the Leo Romero pant. For those of you who are not skateboard enthusiasts, who cares, neither am I, but these guys design a very nice fitting jean that is flattering for almost any body type. It’s low rise and slim cut but not too slim leaving some room for the biscuits, and at $75 a pair that’s a very good value compared to all those other expensive douchie brands at most department stores.

There’s also a little stretch added for those of you who like to mix it up. Whether you like to pair it with black Chucks, some white Vans, or an all red pair of JordanRetro Phats (like I would) that’s up to you. The red gives you that extra accent to tell people you care… I mean don’t care about what other people think of you.

If you wanna be low key go with a white, black or grey tee up top. But I recommend combining these jeans with a nice fitted classic blue button down Gingham shirt or an Oxford like this one from Pegleg NYC, keeping people wondering just what type of party you’re going to. The answer: Whatever party I fucking feel like because that’s what you do. You’ll be that guy that will be able to bust out the newest Jerk moves and start talking about Danish literary icons all in the same half hour.


For those rubbing elbows with the jet set crowd, trust funders and wannabe nouveau Donald Trumps, here are some styles that will help be you be able to peacefully intermingle with the common man and all those hoity toity. I’m joking… sort of. Contrary to popular media beliefs not all lacrosse guys live the Chuck Bass lifestyle, but the Elitist upper crust has had a significant influence on the way many laxers choose to dress. I should know after spending 10 years in the DC Area private school system, and somehow I still can’t tie a tie right. Much like the GOP thinks the rich should have lower taxes many lax guys think they have to always wear the same uniform of polos, khakis, and blue blazers. Although some laxers do this really well, it’s important to keep a sense of self. When there’s a chance for personal expression go for it and set yourself apart from your crowd in a good way. Since some people's style preferences are not going to change any time soon here are some clothing brands in mind to help modify your wardrobe if this is the set you are rolling with.

Whether you are vying for the affection of a shipping heiress or want to not get denied from your rich buddy’s country club these tips will get you in the door without looking too stuffy and alienating the staff. Like in our previous casual look that we dressed up, here is way to subtly dress down in slightly more formal settings while remaining classy. Remember that it doesn’t matter who you are with. People will always respect quality and good craftsmanship. If you can’t afford a lot of different clothing options try to buy things that are made well and are going to last. It’s also better for the environment.

Bonobo is a company that makes some great pants, which can really be worn in almost any occasion. They can be great with a t-shirt when you’re making out at the keg party or with a blazer at the Yacht christening. I prefer the Corps cut they carry because of its military inspired fit. This gent in the Nimitz Blue pant pictured below and has it down right by combining this look with a cool belt and some quality brown leather shoes or boots and a nice solid shirt.

The Eisenhower tan khaki is also a classic look and will be perfect with a Steven Alan shirt if you can ever find one on sale, or a polo.

And to show you have a sense of humor, maybe even try pairing this with Gourmet’s green Quadici boot, inspired by the preppy classic the Duck boot.

Also black or brown wing tip slip Converse Varvatos sneakers would be an excellent unique touch to this look as long as you match it up well with your belt.

Everyone is going to wonder: Is this guy heading out to another wedding in Monaco, or is he trying to find investors for his Eco-friendly landscaping start-up in Maryland? Which I guess is a good thing.


Danny McCormick is a featured blogger for Lacrosse Playground covering style and fashion. Born in Maryland and raised in Virginia, Danny lived an East Coast laxer lifestyle while attending the Landon School, and the University of Maryland before eventually heading out to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams in entertainment and fashion. While working his way up the LA food chain he has served as an assistant to some top stylists, decorated sets for commercials, films, and photo shoots, and works as Adrenaline Apparels Art Director and Eco consultant. After injuring his knee on Halloween doing a complex yet unrehearsed dance sequence, he has ruled out the chance of a lacrosse come back. But if asked if he would do it again the answer is hell yes.

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