D3 Flow Update: Stevenson Mustangs

The administrators from "90% of Lax is in the Flow" have dropped in to share an update on D3 flow, specifically the Stevenson Mustangs. Read up on how two stars from Stevenson live their life of flow, why you should fear Evan Douglass more than Chuck Norris and Jimmy attains a positive correlation between G's and chicks.

D3 lax still doesn’t get the respect it deserves so I feel it’s my part to give credit where credit is due and highlight this new powerhouse. Formerly known as Villa Julie, many people still have not heard of Stevenson, even after spending over half the season at the #1 spot last year and making a strong run into the playoffs. At first glance it’s easy to see Stevenson as a team that probably flows harder than any other team in the country but it might take you a little longer to see the attitude oozing from this team. Stevenson’s offense is a force to be reckoned with, not only will they drop 20 goals off 50 shots on your team, half those points will come off spectacular BTBs, ATWs, dives and even the occasional 1-hander. If the lopsided score doesn’t tell you which team is partying harder that night, the players certainly will. Talking more crap than Roto-Rooter, Stevenson will make even the most hardened lax-bro shed a tear deep down inside. I got in contact with the 2 biggest bros at Stevenson and what do you know, they also had the best flow. Here is a quick insight into how they live their life of flow.

Evan Douglass

The reason for Stevenson’s recent success is a roster full of kids who flow hard and Evan Douglass is no exception. Don’t be shocked if you see him during fall-ball with a short cut, Evan is an expert in timing his flow so it is in all of its full glory when playoffs roll around, everyone knows once the season starts the flow must remain untouched.

90%: So Evan, what intimidates your opposing attackmen more when stepping on the field, the fact that a degrading yard sale is in his near future or your picturesque flow?

Evan: There are two things that are feared by all in this world...Chuck Norris, and my flow, so you my friend, can answer that question. I wish I could say my lethal stick checks are the root of my intimidation, but the fact is; no one even attempts to dodge me after coming face-to-face with my god given flow.

Jimmy Dailey

A life-long Baltimore native, it’s no wonder Jimmy rocks the perfect Balti. Don’t be fooled by Jimmy’s small stature. He is one intense guy. From putting up 7 points against your team to tearing up the dance floor (shirtless of course) that night, he doesn’t do anything halfway and that’s evident after seeing what quite possibly may the best flow in D3 effortlessly cascading out of the back of his helmet. 90% flow and 10% bro, that’s how Jimmy lives his life.

90%: Everyone knows your flow has a direct correlation to great lax and picking up chicks, what’s the true reason for you immaculate flow? The G’s or your fans?

Jimmy: Well Mike, achieving epic flow is no easy endeavor. However, I have noticed a positive correlation between G's and chicks. Its a simple conclusion, the more G's the more chicks. Top right is the place to be, no cheese no chicks.

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-90% Admins
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