Carlo Sunseri and Triple B Games Announce Indie Video Game: College Lacrosse 2011

PITTSBURGH, PA - Nov. 3, 2010 - Carlo Sunseri in conjunction with Triple B games, to develop the newest lacrosse video game, College Lacrosse 2011.

The game will feature all new motion capture animations, overhauled graphics, polished Xbox LIVE play, improved right joystick shooting, new right joystick dodging, new bullet and loft passing, new dive shots, new penalties, new sound effects, new stick checking system and much more. College Lacrosse 2011 will offer motion capture lacrosse and high scoring gameplay for just $5 on Xbox 360’s Indie Game Channel.

“As an Indie team, I’m extremely proud to say we are the first company to develop a lacrosse video game that features motion capture animations,” said Crosse Studio Founder and President Carlo Sunseri. "We went into the motion capture studio and recorded the most realistic lacrosse animations to date. You will not see any of the same animations from our original games. All of the animations in College Lacrosse 2011 have been redone and replaced with motion capture.”

Motion capture, or mocap, is a technique of digitally recording the movements. It was originally developed as an analysis tool in biomechanics research, but has grown increasingly important as a source of motion data for computer animation.

“Another main focus for College Lacrosse 2011 was improving the graphics,” said Carlo Sunseri. “To help in this area we brought in two new artists, Adam Curtis and Arman Abounourinejad.”

These two artists bring experience from Triple-A studios such as Ignition London, Headstrong Games, EA and Digital Extremes.

User Submitted Content

"We are asking our fans to vote on their favorite box art for College Lacrosse 2011,” said Carlo Sunseri, Founder of Crosse Studio “We are also asking people to submit their own teams and rosters to be included in the release of College Lacrosse 2011."

To vote on your favorite College Lacrosse 2011 box art and for more information on submitting your team, “Like” College Lacrosse on Facebook. (

Pricing & Availability

College Lacrosse 2011 will be available on the Xbox 360’s Indie Game Channel in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom in December for a price of $5 (US).

Lacrosse Video Games

In 2009, Carlo Sunseri and Triple B Games released College Lacrosse 2010, the first ever field lacrosse video game. In just a year after its release date, College Lacrosse 2010 has been downloaded over 200,000 times.

In 2010, Carlo Sunseri, Triple B Games, and the National Lacrosse League released NLL Lacrosse 2010 featuring all eleven NLL teams and the league’s 250 players.


Crosse Studio is a subsidiary of Carlo Sunseri, LLC. Crosse Studio Founder & President, Carlo Sunseri, is an entrepreneur and college lacrosse coach from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit and

Triple B Games was set up in 2007 in Dundee by industry veteran Jonathan “Fritz” Ackerley (Harry Potter’s Quidditch World Cup, Shadowman, F1 2002, Actua Soccer 2). The company’s aim is to show that great games can be delivered without any of the traditional ‘AAA’ baggage of vast teams & overblown production values. For more information on Triple B Games visit

Arman Abounourinejad consulted on the artwork for College Lacrosse 2011 and has worked on Mass Effect 2. For more work by Arman visit

Adam Curtis created the new lacrosse character model for College Lacrosse 2011 and has worked on Dead : Overkill. For more work by Adam visit

Tim Loui has consulted on the motion capture animation for College Lacrosse 2011.
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