A Day in the Life: Ten Minute Traditional

A Day in the Life: Ten Minute Traditional

Company Name: Ten Minute Traditional

Function: Removable traditional stringing

Location: Grand Junction, Colorado


History of this company?
Ten Minute Traditional was founded in 2014 by Sayre Thomas who was playing and stringing for over a decade before conceiving the idea for TMT.  While working in a lacrosse shop in Colorado, he often found youth players coming back a week later to have their Traditional pocket removed. Obviously, this concerned Sayre for many reasons. Not only had he taken hours to free hand a pocket for a customer, but now they wanted to destroy it. This forced him to develop and adopt techniques that allowed for the simple removable of Traditional pockets.

The next hurdle was how to offer a consistent perfectly strung Traditional to every customer every time. Not only did the pocket have to be consistent and perfectly spaced but it also has to be able to install in every head on the market. Sayre got in the woodshop and created custom jigs to allow for repeated stringing of perfect Traditional pockets. In the last year, Ten Minute Traditional has supplied over 600 traditional pockets to customers all over the world and there is more leather in players sticks than ever since the mesh revolution.

Outside of its history, what makes this company so special?
We have carefully curated the highest quality affordable materials available to stringers everywhere. By combining crosslace and leather from JimaLax and tipped sidewall and shooting strings from String King we offer the highest quality, stringer-friendly pocket as possible, while remaining affordable. 

We are not just in the business of stringing and providing perfect pockets but we also want to spread stringing knowledge and expertise. The TMT pocket is the perfect introductory Traditional pocket for any player. It is perfect for gaining stringing confidence and having a perfect example to observe and reverse engineer. We firmly believe that the more a player understands about how their stick is strung the better they will be able to dominate with it. For that reason we are committed to sharing as much stringing knowledge as possible through, YouTube videos, social posts and our website.

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