A Day in the Life: East Coast Dyes

A Day in the Life: East Coast Dyes


ECD Greg doing what he do

Company Name: East Coast Dyes

Location: Baltimore, MD

History of this company?

Greg grew up using classic hard mesh, and by the time he graduated from Elizabethtown College in 2011, he was sick of the inconsistencies that came with hard mesh. After graduation, Greg headed back down to his hometown of Baltimore and began experimenting with different kinds of coatings for mesh. While Greg was working for an accounting firm and attending graduate school, he was also tweaking and testing tons of wax coatings and coating techniques. Eventually, the proprietary wax coating for East Coast Mesh was born in the basement of Greg’s home.

As East Coast Mesh grew in popularity, the company grew and the ECD crew began looking at ways other industry products could be improved. In 2014, ECD launched the Carbon, a composite lacrosse shaft.

Now in 2015, ECD provides two top selling mesh styles, East Coast Mesh and HeroMesh, and also offers two of the top selling shafts in lacrosse (Carbon and Focus). The key for ECD is to continually try to improve the game. No product is introduced to the public, until every member of the ECD crew agrees that it is the best product in its class. Products regularly go through hundreds of cycles of prototyping and testing before they are approved.

Outside of its history, what makes this company so special?

What sets ECD apart, is the dedication to improving the game of lacrosse. ECD pushes to make the best products, but more importantly, they push to teach the world about lacrosse in general. Their YouTube Channel is filled with videos that teach players about the game, teach players about equipment, and teach players how to string their sticks. These videos, are not there to promote ECD, but instead to promote the growth of lacrosse.

About 95% of ECD employees are lacrosse players who are very passionate about the game they love. The ECD crew is made of a bunch of best friends and they look like they have more fun at work then anyone.

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Stringing some sticks for more testing.

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