Fantasy Lacrosse Focus: Jackson Morrill and Ethan Walker lead the way in Flow Fantasy Daily Week 4

Fantasy Lacrosse Focus: Jackson Morrill and Ethan Walker lead the way in Flow Fantasy Daily Week 4

It's time for another edition of the Fantasy Lacrosse Focus, where we take a look at your fantasy lacrosse leaders from the past weekend and preview matchups for this week.

Top Fantasy Lacrosse Performers

For the first time all season, Denver leads the top of this list as both Jackson Morril, with 32 fantasy points, and Ethan Walker, with 30 fantasy points, had huge days against Providence. Jared Bernhardt tied Walker with 30 points after yet another great game versus the Scarlet Knights. 

  • Jackson Morrill (3G, 4A, 3GB, 1TO) 32 FP 
  • Ethan Walker (4G, 2A, 4GB, 1TO) 30 FP 
  • Jared Bernhardt (4G, 2A, 1CTO, 2TO) 30 FP 
  • Stephen Rehfuss (3G, 3A) 27 FP 
  • Will Yorke (5G, 2GB) 27 FP 
  • Michael Sowers (3G, 3A, 1GB, 2TO) 24 FP 

At midfield, Denver's Alex Simmons had a dominant 5G 2A day against the Friars for 29 Fantasy points. Kyle Long emerged again for the Terps as he did two weeks ago, helping take down Rutgers with 24 points from 2G and 2A. Russel Melendez also registered a nice 23 points for Marquette, thanks to a hattrick and an assist.

  • Alex Simmons (5G, 2A, 2TO) 29 FP
  • Kyle Long (2G, 2A, 2GB, 1CTO) 24 FP
  • Russel Melendez 3G, 1A, 2GB, 1CTO, 2TO) 23 FP
  • Dan Axelson (4G, 1GB, 1TO) 19 FP
  • Nakeie Montgomery (1G, 2A, 1CTO) 17 FP

As for faceoffs, this week’s top performer was Jake Naso, who dominated Cuse for a whopping 38 fantasy points, thanks to 75% at the stripe, a hefty 14 ground balls and a goal. TD Ierlan made his debut for the Pios, and to no one’s surprise, went a perfect 14-for-14 along with 10 ground balls for 29 fantasy points. But he was not alone as his teammate Alec Stathakis had himself a nice 23 fantasy point day from 73% and 6 ground balls. Lastly, Gerard Arceri had a bounce back game versus Hopkins after failing to break 50% in his last three games. His 79% and 8GB were good for 27 FP versus Matt Narewski, who actually edged him out in their meeting two weeks ago.

Here are the final scores from the stripe: 

  • Jake Naso (75%, 14GB, 1G) 38 FP 
  • TD Ierlan (100%, 10GB) 29 FP 
  • Gerard Arceri (79%, 8GB) 27 FP 
  • Alec Stathakis (73%, 6 GB) 23 FP 

Top Fantasy Lacrosse Matchups this Weekend

And to wrap up the show some rapid fire matchups to keep an eye on for your lineup this week: 

  • Any players on Georgetown vs. St. Johns
    The Hoyas look to take advantage of a team that Denver beat up on two weeks ago.
  • TD Ierlan or Alex Stathakis vs. Marquette
    Stathakis had a great day last time these teams met, and this duo isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 
  • Joey Epstein or Connor DeSimone vs. Michigan
    Despite lackluster performances this week, Epstein and DeSimone should bounce back for Hopkins with Michigan on deck.
  • Petey LaSalla vs. Richmond’s FO unit 
  • Any of the usual suspects on Maryland vs. Penn State

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