Things I Love: Fall Ball Edition

Things I Love: Fall Ball Edition

Your lax babe here! Back and ready to get into the Fall Ball action! Besides the crisp weather, boots, scarves, rugby and water polo...(I'm drifting...), Fall brings us the newest of the new for lax, preparing us for the sweet Spring. The lax bros and babes in the know aren't hibernating until Spring season, they're still in the game. So this is the list of things I love for Fall 2011, which isn't even over yet! More to come!


1)   The Resurgence of Mikey Powell

He’s got two rings, two Tewaaratons, and can play guitar like nobody’s business. Seeing him test the waters in Lake Placid and then explode back onto the scene last weekend at the LXM Pro 610 event did my lax babe heart proud. It doesn't look like #22 has slowed down at all during his hiatus, leading Team Cascade to victory. Please please please keep playing! We missed you.


2)   Experimental NCAA Rules

Hold up, hold up. I’m not saying I like the experimental rules that are happening right now, I’m saying I love the idea that lax has the fallball season so they can TRY experimental rules. It's too soon to tell how these rules will look at game speed, so time will tell. But it is so cool watching the sport evolve like that, even when during the season I’m practically ripping my hair out because I hate those rules so much. Except the shot clock. I love the idea of the shot clock.


3)   Doing Crazy Fun Things for a Cause

Yay for charity! Every time I see a HeadStrong piece, I get so happy, because it is such an easy way to spread the word about the incredible work that the foundation has done to raise awareness of blood and bone cancers. Get that green! Other events like Movember (and similar mustache-related team-building activities) are my absolute favorite. I love me some mustaches, and I love me some philanthropy. Laxers sporting their ‘staches for a good cause sounds like actual perfection to me, and so far we’ve seen the Hartford Hawks stepping up, doing their part. Who’s next? LET’S SEE SOME MUSTACHE MADNESS! For a good cause! (Let me know so I can write about it! Ahem @MarilynMonBRO)


4)   The Scrimmages and Charity Tournaments!

From the Catamount Classic to the recent UVA/Lynchburg scrimmage, it is so exciting to see laxers getting out there in the fall! By playing other programs, they’re honing their skills, and in some cases, raking in the cash for a cause! Making a difference and laxing at the same time? Love. Michigan playing Providence in the Big House: chills. The fall ball so far has been wild, and even though it doesn’t quite have the fanfare of the Spring, it is still spectacular to watch.


5)   The rumblings of Indoor

I went to an NLL game last year and LOOOOOVED IT. I saw the Wings play the Blazers and even though nothing compares to the outdoor lax experience, indoor is a must-watch experience. This year, we have not only the NLL but the NALL, so double the teams, double the action (double the fights!)! The NALL college draft is October 12th, and I personally can’t wait to see what kind of talent (nudge, nudge) comes out of that.


Fall's not even close to being over yet! There is so much more to come, and I am just getting more and more psyched about the goings-on of the lax world. Let me know what other things to LOVE by emailing me or catching me on Twitter (@MarilynMonBRO, one again) to make this the best Fall Ball season ever! Woo!!
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