NFL Pro Days for Jared Bernhardt and Nakeie Montgomery

Earlier this week, the lacrosse world's eyes were on Durham when it was discovered that Nakeie Montgomery participated in Duke's NFL Pro Day.

It goes without saying that 4.46 40 time is blistering.

Montgomery drew some unfortunate criticism for competing in the pro day. He appeared on Paul Carcaterra's podcast and proclaimed he would be the midfielder of the year. Like the Rabil interview, it would appear this interview was conducted earlier in the year. Montgomery isn't on track to be considered the midfielder of the year and isn't even being considered by Inside Lacrosse to be one of the best three middies in the country.

On top of that, Montgomery didn't contribute much this past fall. He was credited with 31 snaps during nine game appearances, carrying the ball three times for 28 yards..

We have said a few times that Montgomery playing football has impacted Duke's offensive chemistry this spring, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be allowed to chase an NFL career. Lacrosse fans love to talk about football players with lacrosse backgrounds so it is strange that there would be criticism around Montgomery's decision to participate in the pro day.

In College Park, Jared Bernhardt showed off position flexibility by throwing and catching during his pro day although we could not find any metrics.

Bernhardt was a major contributor on his football team this past fall, guiding Ferris State to the D2 championship.

How many D2 players are in the league?


This is the fifth season we've tracked DII football players in the NFL. It began in 2017, when 90 DII players made rosters across the league. In 2018, it went down to 83 players, while 2019 saw that number drop nearly in half to 49. DII players across the NFL went up to 54 in 2020. This season will see that number drop to 47.

Is there a chance Bernhardt suits up the Chaos this summer?

Bernhardt would be an incredible addition to the Chaos who are going to be dealing with a roster exhausted from playing an NLL season.

What PLL team wouldn't want to add Montgomery's athleticism and playmaking? The Redwoods have some midfielder openings and we have already discussed the age of the Chrome middle third. Montgomery even if he doesn't reach midfielder of the year status seems primed for some lucrative lacrosse sponsorships.

Do either Montgomery or Bernhardt get an NFL shot prior to taking a PLL field? Are they even considering something other than football?

The draft is April 28.

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