New Podcast Episodes: Tufts, Virginia, Tampa, 2 Wolves

New Podcast Episodes: Tufts, Virginia, Tampa, 2 Wolves

The second wave of episodes is loaded.

Episode 3

Virginia lacrosse coach Lars TIffany is on the show today to breakdown how they evaluate high school talent during the season recruiting and deploying athletes from non traditional areas and then we recap their game against Maryland.

Our second interview features Casey D'Annolfo. We discuss his path from Taft to Tufts how they handle starters in blowouts, their approach to social media, and what makes Tufts so special.

Episode 4

On this episode, Jack Kensil discusses his journey from live television to the formation of 2 Wolves performance and coaching girls lacrosse at Byram Hills in Westchester New York.

Coach's dog Hugo also popped by to say hello.

In our second interview, Tampa women's coach Kelly Gallagher breaks down the differences between year 1 as a start up to year 9 as top 20 D2 program.

This podcast is for high school and college coaches who want to learn more about the craft of coaching. As such it will be named The Lacrosse Playground Coach's Companion.

We have been spending time getting to know our guests as they have transitioned from an early part of their career to their current stage. While that will be a portion of all future episodes, we're getting set to further dive into the nitty gritty of coaching young men and women.

The show will be a great resource for coaches who demand more of themselves and want more for their kids.

Someone who is a fan of the particular program might also enjoy an episode featuring their team's coach as we will continue to ask questions of about the current season.

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Who do you want us to interview next? Upcoming guests include a head coach from a team currently ranked #1, a head coach from a team currently ranked #5, and a head coach of a recent state title winner.

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