Blinded by the Takes: April 11

Blinded by the Takes: April 11

A mini collection of thoughts from the weekend.

Duke Doomsday Clock

It is now 11:55PM.

A week after holding North Carolina to 6 goals in Chapel Hill, the Duke defense surrenders 7 first quarter goals to Notre Dame in Durham. Notre Dame flying in from South Bend, Indiana and scoring that many goals that fast is massively disappointing.

Duke would go on to lose 16-15. This is the most goals Notre Dame has ever scored on Duke.

A week after pitching a 76% save percentage, Mike Adler could only stop 25% of shots he faced.

His save percentages in losses this season:

Syracuse 41%

Loyola 52%

Penn 41%

Jacksonville 53%

Adler is 54.2% on the season. He hardly has been the prince that was promised between the pipes. Not sure we were expecting another 76% performance but if he gets to 35% Duke's season isn't on life support.

One assist but no goals from Joe Robertson.

Sean Lulley only had one assist.

Dyson Williams going 0 for 4 hurts.

Big time performances from Nakeie Montgomery (3 goals, 2 assists) and freshmen Andrew McAdorey (3 goals) and Reed Landin (3 goals, 1 assist) get wasted.

Brennan O'Neill was his regular self with 3 goals and 2 assists.

In no world should a team score 15 goals against Notre Dame and lose.

Duke has been consistently inconsistent all season. Their tournament hopes now hinge on winning three games in a row against Virginia (home), North Carolina (home), and Notre Dame (away).

If recent trends remain the same, Duke will beat Virginia. Give us hope. Then, lose to North Carolina, which will undoubtedly end their season.

Not making the NCAA tournament will be an unmitigated disaster.

Bubble out...

The Terps are too Impressive

Maryland's revenge tour continued last night with a 17-9 victory over #4 Rutgers.

The Terps will win the national championship this spring by 4 goals.

Bet on that!

How much is Bob Benson enjoying life right now?

How good is John Tillman at the portal?

Maryland's second (Keegan Khan) and third (Jonathan Donville) leading scorers were transfers.

Our Best Tweet from the Weekend

The shot clock was implemented in 2019.

Are You Listening?

We’ve now released nine episodes of our podcast, LPG Coach’s Companion.

Which one is your favorite so far?

Episode 1 – Brian Brecht (Rutgers) & Bryan Kelly (Calvert Hall)

Episode 2 – Robyn Rooney (Wantagh) & Emily Boissonneault (Pitt)

Episode 3 – Lars Tiffany (Virginia) & Casey D’Annolfo (Tufts)

Episode 4 – Jack Kensil (Byram Hills) & Kelly Gallagher (Tampa)

Episode 5 – JB Clarke (Tampa) & Tom West (Bolles)

Episode 6 – Allison Kwolek (Clemson) & Kate Livesay (Middlebury)

Episode 7 – Joe Alberici (Army) & Johnny Rodriguez (Mater Dei)

Episode 8 - Kerstin Kimel (Duke) & Jack Cribbin (Lindenwood)

Episode 9 - Summer Koepplin (St. Anthony's), Jenna McNicholas (Taft), and Robyn Rooney (Wantagh)

If you’re trying to be a better coach, you’re going to listen to every episodes more than once.

Two episodes drop every week.

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