2022 PLL Championship Betting Odds

The Monday after four days of March Madness is agony for someone who made a little bit of scratch this weekend, was wise enough to pull the winnings, but may have been foolish enough to purchase some ApeCoin instead of putting it all into Bitcoin.

The idea of placing a bet in March and not be rewarded until September 18th is not very compelling.

What about betting on college games?

Sadly, Draftkings doesn't offer college lacrosse for New Yorkers yet. Will they ever do it? If we can bet on college hockey and college baseball, surely, we can bet on college lacrosse soon. Do we know if New Yorkers will be permitted to bet on the PLL?

Put if your state does allow it, go to our man Brett Trodden for picks.


Back to the PLL.

Yesterday, championship title odds were released begging the question, who in Vegas knows lacrosse?


The Chrome and Cannons seem properly placed at the bottom. Although, the Cannons at +1400 seems a bit generous if you're putting the Chrome at +2000. Then, you have six teams checking in between +350-+550 including four teams between +400-+550. Given the size of the league, that cluster makes a lot of sense.

We've already assigned the Chrome to having the hardest schedule in the league. They also have the most question marks surrounding the team. Unless you're a diehard Chrome fan with money to burn, betting here is slightly better than setting money on fire.

For the Cannons, does their offense open up now that they are free of Rabil's revenge tour? Or, does that attention go towards someone else who might not be ready to handle it just yet. Read, Stephen Refuss. This team doesn't seem threatening enough on offense and talented enough at the faceoff X to threaten for the title in 2022.

Enough about the bottom of the barrel. Remove the Waterdogs because we have a rule against teams winning the title ahead of schedule. They turned their season around with wins over Cannons and Chrome then tacked on two more wins against the Whips and Atlas before falling to the Whips in the semifinals thanks to their bye. They need to reach the finals before we consider them to be title favorites.

The Redwoods have been going in the wrong direction since losing in the 2019 title game. Despite the presence of TD Ierlan, the key roster pieces are another year older and fresh off of a first round exit to the Whips.

That leaves Snakes +400, Chaos +450, Atlas +550, and Archers +550.

Any of these teams feel like free money and if you're a fan of any squad you're over the moon.

However, the 2022 season is playing played after a full NLL season. There's no chance the Chaos offense is staying healthy.

The Whips have a budding goalie controversy and we hate that three of their key pieces are NLL guys.

Heart wants to say Archers because they've been getting closer but Schreiber's history and the miles he's logging in the NLL make us nervous.

If you had the patience for PLL futures bet, go with the Atlas. They have a younger core than the Archers. Don't worry about Teat being in the NLL because he took two years off from Cornell. He's ready.

If you're ready for a deeper numerical dive, check out this thread from Twitter user Billy Costigan.

This is astronaut level stuff.





We're not futures betters.

We like the instant gratification or terror.

We'd rather have $6 to spend on a BLT today than wait to possibly earn $33 on the Atlas.

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